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As a woman, wife, mother, and school principal, I have endured my lot of stress.  November of 2017 I began a journey of conquering that stress.  I learned the truth and power of meditation.  Now not only am I a practitioner, I am also a teacher.   

Mentally healthy employees are more creative, more invested, and create their own work-life balance.

Science’s study of the brain in relation to meditation makes it impossible to argue the benefits.  Mental health is underrepresented in pop culture as an area of concern in society.  Yet, depression rates are at an all time high, as are the prescription of antidepressants.  The statistics on children suffering from stress is startling as we hear kids as young as in the third grade struggling with anxiety.  Something needs to change. 

Mindfulness builds focus, concentration, productivity and motivation. 

Help your company, team, division or school gain efficiency and productivity while at work and a more enjoyable personal life through partnering with Second Arrow. 

How Can I Help?

  1. Invite me to present to your team tools and practical ideas helping to curb stress and increase productivity.
  2. Check out this website, my blog and social media accounts sharing mindfulness ideas and scientific findings to encourage your personal journey.
  3. Partner with me as a consultant or personal coach helping you with specific goals and aspirations. 
  4. Invite me to speak on your podcast or to publish text for an article.  

Current Publications: