Old Buddhist Parable: 

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As a woman, wife, mother, and school principal, I have endured my lot of stress.  November of 2017 I began a journey of conquering that stress through the study of and practice of meditation.   The simple addition of meditation to my life has made profound positive changes in my attitude at home and at work.  As a lifelong learner, and career educator, I felt that I could not keep this information to myself but that I had the great opportunity to share my transformation strategies with others who also share a battle with stress in hopes of bettering the entire educational community through the retention of quality teachers and teacher leaders amidst their stressful jobs.

This platform is intended to help destigmatize public opinion of meditation being only for “yogis” and actually allow all people to see the benefits from these practices no matter who you are.  Science’s study of the brain in relation to meditation makes it impossible to argue the benefits.  Mental health is underrepresented in pop culture as an area of concern in society, yet depression rates are at an all time high, as are the prescription of antidepressants.  The statistics on children suffering from stress is startling as we hear kids in the third grade struggling with anxiety.  Something needs to change.  As I learn to break my second arrows, I hope my story will help you to break yours.

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